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Frequently Asked Questions

A title company is a crucial entity involved in real estate transactions. Once parties contract for the sale and purchase of a property, we handle various aspects related to the property’s title, including conducting title and lien searches, issuing title insurance, facilitating closings, disbursing funds, and ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership. At The Closing Lab, we’ve got real estate closings down to a science and make the process as seamless as possible.

A title search is a thorough examination of public records to verify the property’s ownership history and any existing liens or encumbrances. It ensures that the title is clear, and the property can be transferred without legal issues. At The Closing Lab, we ensure your property interested are protected by conducting a title search and issuing a title insurance policy at closing.

If a title issue is found during the title search, our team will work diligently to resolve it. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may work with the parties involved or provide guidance on the necessary steps to clear the title. At The Closing Lab, we have an in-house real estate attorney who can assist with title issues that most non attorney-owned title companies can’t.

Typically, the party paying for title insurance chooses the title company to close the transaction. While the real estate agent or lender may suggest a title company, the final decision rests with the parties involved. Choose The Closing Lab for your next purchase, sale, or refinance.

The great news is that most fees involved in a real estate closing, such as title insurance premium and documentary stamps taxes, are regulated, so you’ll pay the roughly the same amount for closing fees with any title company. Title companies typically charge for title and lien searches, title insurance premiums, closing services, and collect other related expenses such as recording fees and documentary stamp taxes due on the sale or loan. By choosing The Closing Lab, you get the benefit of a real estate attorney working on your transaction without any additional costs. Contact us today for a closing cost estimate.

Yes, we handle both residential and commercial real estate transactions in Florida. While commercial real estate closings are often handled by attorneys, The Closing Lab has expertise in dealing with the complexities of commercial properties and can facilitate a seamless closing experience.

In addition to title services, our in-house real estate attorney can offer legal services such buyer or seller representation, preparation of contracts, addenda, loan documents, and other transaction related documents, as well as title clearing such as quiet title actions and probate administration. Having attorneys on staff at The Closing Lab allows us to provide comprehensive legal assistance throughout the real estate transaction process.

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