Residential Real Estate Closings

Whether you’re a real estate professional or buying or selling a property on your own, you need a trusted title insurance agent that creates a memorable experience with every transaction. Residential real estate closings are at core of our comprehensive title and escrow services. At The Closing Lab, we’ve got real estate closings down to a science by refining our residential real estate closing process. We make the process, from title search to closing, simple and straightforward for buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate professionals.

Commercial Real Estate Closings

Commercial real estate transactions encompass properties used for business purposes, including office buildings, hotels, retail complexes, warehouses, and vacant land. Unlike residential properties, due diligence for commercial real estate involves environmental inspections and financial analysis. Moreover, lending requirements for commercial real estate purchases differ from residential lending.

For Sale By Owner

Considering a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) strategy to sell your home? As an attorney-owned title company, The Closing Lab can provide you with invaluable guidance, legal protection, and peace of mind throughout the process.

Refinances and Home Equity Lines of Credit

Title an escrow services aren’t limited to purchase and sale transactions. Whether you’re refinancing your home for a lower interest rate or cashing out equity, the lender will require a title insurance policy to protect their investment (and lien rights). The Closing Lab can act as the title agent and facilitate the closing and disbursement of lender funds. As an attorney-owned title company, we can also prepare loan documents for traditional lenders and private lenders alike.

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